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Key Resources are the experts in the different methods of remuneration and reward. We work with the client to analyse and identify the specific business goals you want your employees to focus on.  The best remuneration and reward structure for your business will depend on your industry, your competitors, your individual business goals and your employees. Key Resources can guide you on both financial and non-financial ways to maximise your staff potential and increase productivity.

Here at Key Resources our expert consultants can provide you with a specialised service tailored to your needs and designed to enable you to stay ahead of competitors and motivate employees by creating a positive work environment where they feel valued.


Salary Package Research & Guidance

  • Offer competitive salary packages and payrises with confidence
  • Find out what your competitors are paying their staff - Reduce the risk of staff turnover
  • Full market research to your specifications - your selected roles, industries, and locations
  • Professional analysis & practical recommendations to identify a salary package that meets the needs of your business and your employees.


Employee Reward Strategies

  • Combine long-term and short-term rewards for sustainable high performance
  • Take the focus away from a high salary figure by adopting alternative lower cost rewards
  • Simple, easy-to-manage reward strategy fully tailored to your business and employee positions


Employee Recognition Strategies

  • Awards and non-financial rewards to encourage the right staff performance and behaviour
  • Fully customised to your business - We'll help you reward the areas that deserve to be rewarded in your workplace
  • Low-cost, easy-to-run employee recognition schemes that are truly valued by staff


Contact one of our consultants to ensure you maximise the best asset your company has – your employees.