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Key Resources has a simple registration system for you to maximise the chances of getting your ideal job.

In order to fully participate in our job and candidate databases or search activities, we require you to register as a Key Resources Member.

All you have to do is register once and you will be available to all our clients. Candidates can do this from any computer or handheld device.

Non-registered users are granted partial participation access e.g. they may view positions but not company contact information.

To register, you must supply contact information. Key Resources is the sole owner of information collected on the registration pages and we will not disclose this information to any third party or anyone outside of Key Resources. Your contact information (such as name and email address may however be used to contact you about any features/services on our site which we believe may be of interest. Our goal is to provide our users with a personalised experience. When you login to Key Resources we reserve the right to suggest that you are directed to jobs/articles/forums etc which may be of use to you.

CVs and Résumés

Key Resources reserves the right to vet and check all CV’s before they become available on the website. This ensures our database has only the best candidates but also protects your privacy. We will contact you if there is a problem otherwise your profile and CV will be available to employers within 1 working day of the upload.

Members have the option of posting their CVs on the Key Resources database in three ways:

  • CVs can be input into the database and DEACTIVATED. This means that while your CV is 'parked' at Key Resources for your access and reference at any point in time, no employers or other members will have access to view or search it through our search functionality.
  • CVs can be input and the ACTIVE mode may be specified. This would enable any employers who have paid to register with our service to access your CV. We are not responsible for the privacy of any copies of your CV that are subsequently retained by employers in their own private files and databases.
  • Your LinkedIn profile may be posted as your CV. The content of your LinkedIn profile is the sole responsibility of you and the privacy settings you have utilised on LinkedIn. Key Resources cannot be held responsible for any information in the public domain related to your LinkedIn profile.

Personal data such as name, address and telephone number on all profiles will be redacted and will only be made available to Key Resources recruitment consultants and clients/employers who short list you for an interview. We will not make public any details that enable you to be contacted outside of the Key Resources process. This not only helps us but significantly reduces the risk of bogus employers.

If you are approached at anytime by a company stating that it is a client of Key Resources and asked to pay money DO NOT do so. Contact us immediately. It is our policy that the candidate does not pay for access to the website.

You may edit/change information on your CV at any point in time. You may also remove your CVs from our databases at any time.

As a registered member you are able to search Key Resources jobs by sector or category. 

Once you have applied for a position you will receive messages in your personal control panel regarding the progress. You can also set up instant email alerts for any positions which match your specific criteria to you own personal email.

 Key Resources may contact you to have a personal discussion regarding your CV or any positions that that feel may be suitable for you.

It’s as simple as that! So welcome to Key Resources and we wish you every success in your next career move!