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Qatar is the world’s richest country per head. Its commodity wealth and list of mega projects keep growing; including Education City, Sidra Medical and Research Centre , Lusail, the 2022 Football World Cup and a national railway system to be built from scratch, to name just a few of them.

For recruitment agencies working in Qatar this is a boom time for clients and candidates. Qatar is a clean, safe and attractive place to live.

As a small country of just 2 million, Qatar is in need of talent from abroad to sustain its growth. Where Qatar lags behind is in available talent. If you’re looking for a specialist skill, predominantly it doesn’t exist. If it does, it comes with a very high price. As a result Qatar has a long history of talent importation from abroad. Up to 75% of the population is made up of foreigners.

Finding this talent has fallen largely to recruitment companies around the world. Many of the major names in the business have offices here in Qatar but in recent years there has been a move towards smaller niche market recruitment agencies targeting specific levels with industries and business.

Growth areas in recruitment include the banking, financial, healthcare, education, hospitality and construction sectors that are all benefiting from the Qatar 2030 Vision projects on going in the country as well as the Qatar 2022 World Cup.  

There is also a strong drive to see locals employed, with Qatari firms compelled to adopt quotas, although multinationals are excluded. The Qatari government is very keen to ensure that its nationals have the skills to sustain development in the country long term, especially after the oil and gas has been depleted.  A central tenet of this ‘Qatarisation’ comes in the form of legally-binding quotas, which vary between sectors and companies.

Qatar is a place of opportunity for locals and expatriates alike. As the country moves towards ever increasing expansion and diversification this is one of the prime locations for recruitment agencies to thrive.

Facts about Employment in Qatar

  • Qatar had the world’s highest GDP per capita in 2011 at $103k (£67k)
  • 80% of Qatar’s GDP output comes from industry, 20% from services; agriculture accounts for 0%. Food is therefore among Qatar’s biggest imports
  • Qatar’s unemployment rate was 0.4% in 2011
  • The country’s population is nearly 2m, having been below 1m until 2007.