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Dear Friends,
As we proudly announce the start of a new era for Key Resources after a major restructuring of its business model, we also remind ourselves of the achievements of a company that was established in 1994 to provide recruitment and staffing solutions to local and multinational businesses, as the first locally owned firm to do so.

Fifteen years of operating in Qatar have given Key Resources an established methodology and structured, disciplined approach to matching the best candidates with the right positions, and our record of service to the major players in the oil and gas, construction, financial services, education and public service sectors is well documented with appreciation of our performance.

We welcome you now to Key Resources 2.0!

Built upon the same premises of integrity and excellence, we have remodelled the company to offer a broader scope of recruitment services, including web-based search for candidates and employers and bespoke search for those critical vacancies where specialist skills and expertise are demanded. We also offer mid to long term secondment and contractual service solutions.

In addition to this, we have partnered with some of the best providers of training and business education, as well as valuable human resource and organisational development consulting, from selecting your optimum healthcare insurer to developing internal policy and procedure manuals, creating a corporate video or planning a corporate event.

Over the coming weeks and months please anticipate further communication from us about our responsive and cost-effective services. We look forward to having you as our clients, whether as candidate, employer or principal.

Please contact us for details on how we might solve your particular problem – we relish the challenge!