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Key Resources’ Succession Planning team can help you design and develop a strategic plan to ensure you have the talent you need in all of your critical organisational roles. A thorough assessment will help you support a variety of strategic activities that are necessary to launch effective and ongoing succession planning. Key Resources consultants can assist you to:

•    Identify your key roles
•    Perform a vulnerability analysis to identify critical gaps
•    Evaluate your bench-strength
•    Identify and develop potential and performance measures
•    Identify and develop employee readiness standards

Our team has deep experience in succession planning that allows them to understand the inter-relationship between performance management, career development and succession.
The Key Resources consultants will meet with your stakeholders to determine the scope and objectives of the succession project.

Approach Document Development

The Key Resources consultant will discuss the following areas with the project team:
•    Identification of successors for critical roles
•    Talent pools for critical roles
•    Identification of high performers by geography/region and functional area
•    Identification of rising stars
•    Tracking and monitoring of talent at risk and underperforming talent
•    Available development activities and resources
•    Identification of successors with specific skills and career goals
•    Identification of successors who are willing to re-locate

Assessment Process

The Key Resources consultants will review your existing career development processes and documents, job descriptions, training courses and other existing succession plans to determine where its strengths and gaps are.

Create a Master Succession Planning Document.

The Key Resources consultant will create a master plan complete with software recommendations and/or configuration recommendations that focus on the specific succession needs of your organisation.

Validate Plan

The Key Resources consultant will review, expand, and refine the succession plan with stakeholders and document the results of the project.


The outcome of an effective succession planning engagement ensures that your organisation is prepared with a pool of potential candidates for critical positions and eliminates the risk for a leadership capacity gap. The Succession Plan will provide your organisation with the ability to:

  • Develop successor profiles for each talent pool necessary for maintaining management strength
  • Assess talent bench strength for each critical position. Identify skill gaps and provide career developmental activities for each needed skill and competency
  • Provide global access for talent searches.

Successor Defined
A Successor is a person who takes over the rank, office, duties, or privileges of another.

Engagement Duration

Duration range for this type of consulting is between 4 weeks and 2 months, based on the size of the organisation.