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The sophistication of GCC based businesses, business practices, levels of expectation and the diversity of the regional skills pool improves year on year, and demands more and more from expert partners in the recruitment field.

Key resources have realised that the recruitment process hadn’t changed much since the advent of email, but the quality of delivering those services had actually got weaker, not stronger. All the local and global groups alike had been focusing on competing by volume and price. There is nothing wrong with being competitively priced as a business strategy, but you can’t just be competitively priced.

Key Resources offers the services of qualified personnel to the countries of the Gulf. The services include the placement to permanent positions at companies as well as including consultancy services in all the fields of human resources and development.

Key Resources handles all logistical and administrative functions regarding the recruitment of the personnel, any necessary licensing, traveling arrangements and continuous in-country support, coordinates all local activities and provides direct liaison with the local employers.

Key Resources create a service based on excellence in delivery, ethics and professional pride, but most importantly to deliver a service that was wanted and needed by our clients on the simple idea of getting back to excellence of delivery.

The Gulf Countries enjoy ever increasing geopolitical as well as economic significance this century with hydrocarbon wealth, trade surpluses and rapidly diversifying economies increasing their reach and holdings across the globe. The region welcomes globalisation, but keeps its cultural values based on trust and partnership. Key Resources understand the character and potential of the region, and how best to serve its clients and candidates.