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Why use recruitment consultants to help you find your ideal job.

Recruitment consultants have access to a greater variety of job opportunities across a wider range of sectors. In Qatar and the GCC region especially many organisations use their services rather than advertising themselves. By using a recruitment agency you will benefit from gaining access to jobs that are not available on the open market.

Save your time

Almost all recruitment agencies maintain a candidate database. Recruitment Agencies take on the leg work to ensure you land your ideal job. Registering with a recruitment agency is the key to open doors to number of job opportunities. It is a one-time process. It is important that you update your CV on a regular basis with any new skills or experience you acquire. Candidates on databases that show they update their CV regularly tend to receive more views and increase the possibility of being selected for an interview.

Advice on Salary

Recruitment Consultants offer salary advice and assist you in obtaining the right pay commensurate with your experience and skills.

Opening New Opportunities for you

Recruitment consultants have the expertise and experience to match your CV to a range of jobs that you may not have considered before. They are often best placed to advise you on the decision to take your career in a new direction and to support you throughout the application process.

Recruitment consultants often have clients who have excellent positions available which are not advertised but could offer you a conducive environment for your career growth.

Staying Ahead

You have an edge over other candidates since your consultant, who works closely with employers, might provide you with more insight into the organisation, the position, the interviewer, the work culture and the environment than you would otherwise gain. Recruitment consultants are also able to provide you with useful interview techniques, which can further assist you in handling the interviews.

Referee Checking

Recruitment agencies will conduct the reference checks on their clients’ employers’ behalf.

Adding value

A recruitment agency will add value in your search for a job. They have contacts in various fields and can work to match you to the right job within your chosen profession. Their recommendations can speak volumes in comparison to a speculative resume obtained from a job portal.


Agencies ensure that your personal details and resume are kept confidential. This information will only be provided to prospective employers with your permission.