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• We build successful management teams
• We have high integrity and value honesty
• We develop partnerships with our clients
• We are an entrepreneurial company that is on the cutting edge
• We personalise our approach to your need
• Our values are in alignment with our client companies
• We guarantee appointments that last and add value to your organisation

Our aim is to establish partnerships with each of our clients. We aim to develop a unique and customised system for bringing talent to your organisation. We strive to add value to our services by doing whatever we can to make the process easier for you.

We will work with you, or a representative of your organisation, to obtain a clear understanding of the following:
• Your plans for the future
• Your aims and mission
• Your Company Profile
• Your Hiring/Staffing Process
• Your Hiring Needs (location, positions, etc.)
• Your Company Benefits

And we will establish clearly:
• A Customized Relationship Process
• Pricing and Billing Procedures
• We will provide a written Service Agreement detailing the process
• We will source, screen, interview, and pre-qualify potential candidates
• We will present appropriate candidates, along with a copy of their resume, a brief overview/profile, and any other relevant information
• We can help you undertake the interview process and follow up

Finally, we work to maintain the candidate/client/recruiter relationship from the acceptance of an offer to a successful start date, and beyond.

Fee Structure

We operate on a contingency basis. A fee is paid by the client when they hire one of our candidates within one year of our initial presentation. The fee is based on either a percentage of their annual starting salary or on a flat fee, depending on the specifics of our agreement.