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Data protection

Protection of data privacy: Your right - our obligation

You can count on us to protect the privacy of your personal data because protecting your privacy when we process your data is a matter of importance to Key Resources that is taken into consideration in all of our business processes.

We apply the following guidelines to the processing of personal data. The present declaration and any further information that may be pertinent to the processing and use of your personal data will be provided at any location on this site where we ask you to supply such data.

Data that we collect

Key Resources is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of all our users. Our aim is to provide you with a secure online experience and to ensure that any information you submit to us is private and used/disclosed only for the purposes and in the means described below.
As a recruitment website, Key Resources will ask clients and candidates to submit any relevant information to the job/candidate search in order to conduct and maximise the search functionality. All information provided is submitted on a voluntary basis and details of our membership privacy practices are detailed below.

Your Dashboard/Control Panel

Registered candidates and employers have access to a personal workspace from where they can manage/document their job/candidate search history. All information in this space can only be viewed by the registered user(s) and accessed after logging in with your password.


In order to fully participate in our job and candidate databases or search activities, we require you to register as a Key Resources Member.

Non-registered users are granted partial participation access eg. non-registered candidates may view positions but not company contact information.

To register, you must supply contact information (candidates and clients/employers) and information on your company (employers). Key Resources is the sole owner of information collected on the registration pages and we will not disclose this information to any third party or anyone outside of Key Resources. Your contact information (such as name and email address may however be used to contact you about any features/services on our site which we believe may be of interest. Our goal is to provide our users with a personalised experience, When you login to Key Resources we reserve the right to suggest that you are directed to jobs/articles/forums etc which may be of use to you.

CVs and Resumes

Key Resources reserves the right to vet and check all CV’s before they become available on the website. This ensures our database has only the best candidates but also protects your privacy. We will contact you if there is a problem otherwise your profile and CV will be available to employers within 1 working day of the upload.

Members have the option of posting their CVs on the Key Resources database in three ways:

• CVs can be input into the database and DEACTIVATED. This means that while your CV is 'parked' at Key Resources for your access and reference at any point in time, no employers or other members will have access to view or search it through our search functionality.

• CVs can be input and the ACTIVE mode may be specified. This would enable any employers who have paid to register with our service to access your CV. We are not responsible for the privacy of any copies of your CV that are subsequently retained by employers in their own private files and databases.

• Your LinkedIn profile may be posted as your CV. The content of your LinkedIn profile is the sole responsibility of you and the privacy settings you have utilised on LinkedIn. Key Resources cannot be held responsible for any information in the public domain related to your LinkedIn profile.

Personal data such as name, address and telephone number on all profiles will be redacted and will only be made available to Key Resources recruitment consultants and clients/employers who short list you for an interview. We will not make public any details that mean you can be contacted outside of the Key Resources process. This not only helps us but significantly reduces the risk of bogus employers.

If you are approached at anytime by a company stating that it is a client of Key Resources and asked to pay money DO NOT do so. Contact us immediately. It is our policy that the candidate does not pay for access to the website.

You may edit/change information on your CV at any point in time. You may also remove your CVs from our databases at any point in time.

Job Postings

Employers are asked to submit detailed contact information and information about the position requirements as part of their job posting activity. Information is submitted purely voluntarily. We reserve the right to vet and check any job postings before they go live on the website. Job details may be viewed by any registered candidate members. Non-members may view position but do not have access to contact details; they must register first to be able to contact your company. As an additional privacy feature, employers may hide their company name when their jobs are viewed online. Your privacy will thus be assured while job seekers have the option to reply to the posting.

You may change/modify/delete any information you provide at any point in time.

Technical access data

Technical access data is information regarding the IP address and the operating system that are in use, the domain name of the web site that acts as a platform for a visit to our own web site, the average duration of a visit to our web site, and the pages called from our web site. This data is sent to our web server when individual internet pages are called by your internet browser.

We also add cookies to some areas of our web site. Cookies are small data elements that an internet server can send to your computer, thereby allowing it to be identified during your visit to our web site and making it easier for you to use our web site. We don’t use cookies to gather personal data. You can set your internet browser to tell you whether cookies are being accepted or refused. For more information on cookies, consult the help files in your internet browser.

We use this technical access data to continually enhance the appeal, usability and contents of our web site, and to detect any technical problems with the site.

Protecting the privacy of children who use the internet

Personal data pertaining to children are not knowingly gathered or used in any way. We are not generally aware of the age of the user of our websites. We have, however, taken no specific steps to give special protection to such data.

As protecting children who use the internet is a matter of great importance to Key Resources, we therefore advise all parents and persons acting in loco parentis to show children how to deal responsibly and safely with personal data on the internet.

Children should not send any personal data to Key Resources without the express permission of parents or a person acting in loco parentis.

Information, changes and deletions with respect to your data

Pursuant to the applicable legal regulations, you are entitled to query us in writing at any time as to which (if any) of your personal data we are currently archiving. We will then send you a letter containing the information requested. Please address your inquiry to the data protection officer. You may also arrange with him to have changes made in your data or to have such data deleted.

Protecting your data

Any data provided by you to Key Resources will be protected by suitable technical and organisational mechanisms against adventitious or intentional manipulation, loss or destruction, access by unauthorized persons, and against unauthorized disclosure to third parties. With this goal in mind, our security measures are continually monitored and enhanced in accordance with technological advances and organizational resources.

Privacy Commitment to You

Key Resources continually strives to protect our users’ privacy. We will update you on an ongoing basis on any changes/enhancements in our privacy practices.


Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you if you need any further information or have any complaints or problems in connection with the security of your data.

Peter Rush