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Key Resources works in partnership with your organisation to identify the need and implement the actions for Change Management incorporating:

  • Success factors – the 6 greatest contributors to the success of a change management program and the 7 biggest obstacles.
  • Correlation data - between change management effectiveness and meeting project objectives, staying on schedule and staying on budget.
  • Role of top management - learn the key activities for executive sponsors, as well as the most common mistakes they make when leading change.
  • Communications - discover the most effective methods of communication during the project, including a list of over 100 communication channels.
  • Resistance to change - learn the primary reasons for resistance to change and the most effective tactics to prevent and manage resistance.
  • Methodology - read about the "must do" activities for each phase of the project.

Our clients will be able to answer these important questions after the services are delivered:

  • What impact does effective change management have on projects meeting objectives, staying on schedule and staying on budget?
  • What are the elements of a change management job description?
  • Where is the change management group located in the organization? Where should it be?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of change management?
  • What can you do when applying change management at the start of a project?
  • How are practitioners using social media in communications?