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There are many benefits to working with specialist recruitment consultants. Good candidates do not stay as active jobseekers for very long and quality candidates will not read the job pages and visit online job boards. It is this proactive approach that a specialist consultancy can deliver that will make the difference in finding the elite of candidates. Specialised websites enable you to target your desired candidates for the positions you have to fill.

Why form a business relationship with a consultancy?

Recruitment Agencies seek to create a partnership with their clients to enable them to be fully effective. They can be more selective in filtering out unsuitable candidates and freeing up your interview time to focus on only the most suitable candidates for your organisation.
It also removes the need for spending money yourself with job boards and paper advertising mediums to then engage a specialist agency.

Specialist agencies

Key Resources is a specialist agency for mid to executive level appointments. Our consultants have direct expertise in a range of sectors which are relevant to the GCC region. Clients with very specific needs or skills required needs to work with a recruitment agency that understands exactly what they are looking for. This leads to reduced delivery times and a higher calibre of candidate.

Negotiation, creating a positive relationship

Recruitment consultancies with excellent credentials manage the expectations of both sides of the recruitment process, ensuring that when a candidate becomes an employee the relationship is both professional and positive from the outset.

Summary of benefits through a recruitment specialist:

1. Larger database of potential candidates
2. A streamlined process reducing the clients time spent reviewing CVs
3. Ensuring that the client interviews only the top candidates
4. Ongoing advice and relevant market expertise
5. Advice on labour and employment laws in the relevant country